Dancing Across The Bardo

by Michael Bettine

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Dance #1 08:39
Dance #2 11:25
Dance #3 04:42
Dance #4 04:19
Dance #5 07:07
Dance #6 04:41
Dance #7 07:44
Dance #8 08:20
Dance #9 07:58


Dancing Across The Bardo

The music I create is a very personal, often bordering on being a mystical experience for me. It is also in many ways biographical, as it represents who and what I am at that moment in time. And it is an evolutionary process, as I reach for deeper levels, discovering new sounds, new rhythms, and new atmospheres.

Additionally, the music is a product of its environment. The rooms I play in have a big part in shaping the resulting sounds into a coherent listening experience. Each room is different, offering both their challenges, and their rewards. Some rooms are small and dry sounding, while others are big and boomy. And then there are the rooms that offer a perfect balance of sound, allowing everything to be very present, without having to be played loudly. This recording comes from the latter.

I found no need to push the volume, as the sounds hung in the air with a slight shimmer. Most of the recording is extremely quiet, so you may have to reach for them in your listening, yet there are a few really loud crescendos. Adjust your volume accordingly and let the sounds just be themselves.~ MB

Michael Bettine - Gongs, Singing & Rin Bowls, Bells, Cymbals, Ocean Drum, Kalimba, Metal Percussion.

Recorded by the VF Mobile. Mixed, and mastered at The Vibration Factory, Milwaukee, WI.
All music written, arranged, performed by, and © 2019 Michael Bettine. All rights of the artist reserved.
Artwork & design by Iku Tsuchiya/Mystical Eye
Thanks to: Paiste, MIke Balter, Orpheus Percussion, ZOOM, Audio Technica.


Bardo in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition

The term bardo is a general term which literally means "in-between place" and in this context denotes a transitional state, or what Victor Turner calls a liminal situation. The bardo concept is an umbrella term which includes the transitional states of birth, death, dream, transmigration or afterlife, meditation, and spiritual luminosity (www.spiritualtravel.org/OBE/afterdeath.html)

This recording is an aural interpretation of the journey between states of existence. ~ MB


released February 21, 2019


all rights reserved



Michael Bettine

Percussion as a way of life. For over 45 years now Michael has hit things for a living, making an unabashed glorious noise. He believes in following his own muse wherever it leads him and loves exploring new sonic frontiers. He currently works outside of the realms of time & space. ... more

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